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                                                         8181 NW 154th Street # 230                                                                                  9858 Glades Rd Ste D3,#763

                                                         Miami Lakes FL  33016                                                                                            Boca Raton FL 33434

                                                         Email: pierreg@nsigroup.org                                                                              Email: pierre@pgpm.net
                                                         Phone: (305) 556-1488 EXT. 252                                                                          Phone: (305)-831-3604
                                                         Fax: (305)556-3680                                                                                                Fax:  (305) 556-3680

Media Request Media Requests
If you have a media request or speaking request, please send an email to pierre@pgpm.net and specify your organization, the date requested, and the topic of interest.


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